Baska Glagolitic track is composed of a sculpture in the form of Glagolitic letters and by woking around you can often run up to some of 35 monuments.

Board of Baška is one of the most precious monuments of the Croatian people and language. It dates from the early 12th century, written in Glagolitic and demonstrates the sovereignty of Croatian King Zvonimir who gives land to Saint Lucija in Jurandvor with this charter.

There are also a chapel of St. Marko, a Romanesque chapel built 1514. Below chapel are the remains of ancient mosaics and the basilica from fifth century as well as Church  from the beginning of the 15th century, decorated with altarpieces of Celestin Medović.

The Heritage Museum Baska is showing the ethnographic collection of area around Baška so it's very interesting to visit. You can get familiarize with Adriatic underwater in Baska Aquarium which represents a collection of more than 100 Adriatic fishes, 400 species of mussels and snails.